Business Ethics


Within all our business process and relations truness and honesty is our primary values.In our relations with the employee and all our partners we in act honestly and truthfully.



Confidential and private informations contains the informations belong to Acar Group companies that can form a disadvantage in terms of competition, trade secrets, informations concerning the employee benefits and the confidentiality contracts signed with third parties

As the Acar group staff; we pay attention to confidentiality and preserving private informations of our clients, employees and other related person and corporates we work with.We preserve the private information about the group companies’ transactions, and we only use them in accordance with Acar Group’s goals and share them only with concerned parties within determined-authorization.


Conflicts of interest

As the Acar Group employees we aim to avoid conflicts of interest. We do not derive benefits from the person or corporates with whom we have business relations personally,through our family or close-by friends by taking the advantage of our work. We avoid to use the name and power of Acar Group, Acar Group identity in order to gain personal benefits.



Beside our legal responsibilities, we also take care of fulfilling our responsibilities to our customers, employees, suppliers, associates, competitors, society and to humanity.


*Legal responsibilities

We implement all our current domestic and foreign transactions in accordance with the laws of Republic of Turkey and international law and we submit the right, complete and apprehensible information to legislative institutions and foundations.

*Responsibilities to our customers

We work with a proactive understanding and customer satisfaction-focused manner by answering the needs and demands of our customers most correctly and as soon as possible.

We provide our services on time and in conditions we promised; approaching our customers in accordance with respect, honour, justice, equality and courtesy rules.


*Responsibilities to our employees

We maintain the use of employee rights completely and correctly. We approach to our employees in a just, an honest and a non-discriminative way and guarantee a safe and healthy work environment. We strive for personal development of our employees and support them for taking place in social and communal activities with social responsibility awareness, minding the balance between working life and private life.


*Responsibilities to our suppliers and associates

We pay essential attention to fulfill our liabilities on time, acting just and respectful as it is expected from a decent customer. We carefully preserve the confidential information of the person or foundation we are working with.


*Responsibilities to our competitors

We avoid unfair competition and efficiently compete only compete in legal and ethical fields. We support studies for competitive structure to be provided in society.


*Responsibilities to society and humanity

Protection of democracy, human rights and environment ; abolishment of crimes and corruptions, education and charities are very importatn for us.We act sensitively about social matters with the awarness of being a good citizen and try to play a part in non-governmental organizations, common welfare services and activities accordingly to these subjects.


*Responsibilities to the name of ‘Acar Group’

Our business partners, customers and other partners trusts us because of our Professional sufficiency and honesty. We try to keep our reputation at the highest level.

We provide our services in accordance with rofessional standards, commitments we have made and ethical rules and show essential devotion to fulfill our liabilities.

We pay attention to serve in the areas that we are or will be professionally competent and aim to work with customers, business partners and employees compatible with the criterias of truness and legitimacy. We do not work with who harms society’s morals and damages environment and public health.