Chairman's Message

‘We work for Turkey, produce for the world…’


  As the Acar Group we live the hapiness of moving forward with success from the year of 1980 until today. Our story started in a small studio continues in 12.000m2 indoor area, by providing services with more than 200 staff, exporting to more than 40 countries, creating brands selected all around the world and as a respected, experienced and confidential establishment respectful to ethical values.

We became a prestigious firm renowned with its own brands especially with the successful steps we have taken in the recent years. From now on Acar Group’s brands are preferred in many countries around the world This condition makes a significant contribution to our country’s image. Having ‘Made in Turkey’ written on the products we sell affects the foreigner’s glance over our country in a positive way and makes us proud as well.

Conditions of competition are getting harder day by day in the globalizing world. Accordingly to technological improvements any place, person, foundation or information at any other end of the world can be reached immediately. World has becom a global village. An economic upheaval starts in any country can be spread in waves right away and can oppress the world. A global firm from kilometers far away can enter to any country’s local market and reach to serious market shares. We perform our work with the knowledge of this truth of the world.

In order to keep up with the competition we pay more attention to research-development studies and make a significant effort to show our innovation and difference with our products and services. We acknowledge that as well as the advanced technology and our qualified and innovative products our appreciation for our staff and clients is the most important of all. We are trying to keep the quality above the perfection in consideration of competing in both domestic and foreign markets.

One of the main conditions of being permanent in global market is branding.We, as the group, showed effort to gain a place with our brands in global market by putting the ‘branding’ among our priorities.With branding, we planned to supply our products to our clients more comfortably by opening chain stores.Foremost of our brands in product line that we submit to domestic and foreign markets are Acar Diary (Acar Ajanda), Bon Carnet and Arwey notebooks that are sold at many points in Turkey and around the world. Arwey collection is sold either in retail stores and also being sold to corporate firms with the purpose of promotion. Besides that with our new brand Luuds we produce leather bags, wallets and accessories intended for professionals.

way of branding. We export the %50 of our production to European countries,Russia, Middle Asia and Caucasus and to middle east countries; in other words to the four corners of the world. With our offices in Germany, Russia and Kazakhstan we aim to serve better to our clients in Europe and Asia and to form permanentness.

As Acar Group, we are planning to export the %7*0 of our production in near future. While exporting the %3 of our production 14 years ago now we are exporting the %50 and it shows that our goal is not unrealistic. Acar Group’s having word in global markets arises from its production in world standarts, innovation, making difference, pricing policiy and marketing. We proceed to our goal with quicksteps. As the Acar Group family we have always found the determination and strength in ourselves to compete with the world’s biggest firms in foreign markets. Turkish enterpreneurs must trust themselves in this regard. We stil have a lot to do…

Zekeriya Acar / Acar Group Chairman