As one of the companies of Acar Group, Acar Printing keeps growing with an experience coming from 1980 to nowadays. Our corporation, serving in printing,letahercraft, stationery and publishing industries,continues its investments by closely following the developments and innovations around the world. With the motto of full service under a single roof, our corporate has become a renown brand in the industry on hard cover, perfect binding and spiral binding topics by improving the leading innovations in the industry permanently.

Along with the advanced machine park, we aim to add value to paper by our professionality in handwork adding positive value to products we make with our experienced employees.It is serving with the employees specialized in their fields, high technology equipped substructure and units working integrated from graphic design to print, from print to binding and leather studio. As the leader of printing industry Acar Printing rises to prominence with the products such as wallet,voyage wallet, bags and card cases; first and foremost diary and calendar groups.



Our sales in Germany, Kazakhstan and Russia and exports to other countries are performed by Acar Group marketing and external trade. In additon to exportation, Acar Stationery has also been working as a subsidiary of the company since 1997. Acar kırtasiye is among the leading firms of School, Office and social stationery industry in our country. Acar,combining the quality of materials used with original desings made and esthetics, aims its products are used with pleasure. Acar Stationery follows the pleasure of its customers with its desing team, original desining applications and large product range and various products gathered under different collections.With its distinguished product range and original designs it brings a creative, different, unique initiative and a breath of fresh air to its industry.



Abm publishing house which started to publishing with history and children books, today submits literature, economy,academics,poetry books and novels to readers.

With the Acar Information Center established in 2010, we aim to become leader in data bank sector by regulating institutional and private information centers established or will be established in national region with our expert staff; providing them equipment with printed and electronic information,source and technology,put them into practice by producing projects, composing Social Science data base consists of printed and electronic sources produced in social science field.



Acar Europe established in 2011 in Frankfurt city shows marketing and sales activity accordingly to customers’ demands compatible with its production line first and foremost with Acar Group brands.We servet first and foremost to automative industry and many internationally renown brands in Germany in which the most improved engineering activities sustained. In addition to Germany, our company meets the demands in Europe continent and demands occurs in other countries as a result of marketing activities.



Our company has been showing activities in Mocow since 2004, has acted up its second communication ofice in Ekaterinburg city in 2013. It has become a renown brand in Russia with the diary, notebook, and leather products with intensely used handwork produced under Acar Group.



Acar KZ which was established in 2003 shows activities on Almaata city of Kazakhstan. Besides Kazakhstan it serves to central asian Turkish republics,too. Acar KZ represents the Turkish brand in the best way by submitting the valuable Acar Group products suitable to the needs of country with its team of 12 people.



From a small studio providing services of printing and binding, we rendered a group company. Besides the production activities within the body, Acar Group providing services on foreign trade, publishing, real estate and construction industries and serving with 7 companies including 3 foreigner, continues its investments without slowing down and will continue to make contribution to national economoy.



As an Acar Group brand Acar Leather and Creative Production provides services in leathercraft industry. Acar Group, the leader of each sector it has entered since 1980, with its quality focused production understanding carried its success through the leathercraft industry and created ‘Acar Leather and Creative Production’.