Acar Group which is renowned for its innovative power, production, experience, importation and its respectful position in world market was founded in 1980.

As the leader and dynamic of the industry Acar Group’s transactions has started with printing industry and spread into Promotion, Stationery, Real Estate and Publishing fields since 1980.

Acar Group has brands in four different types of product line including the stationery industry and has taken the first step to branding process in 1997 with the brand of ‘Acar Collection’. It maintained the process with ‘Arwey’ brand and became the world’s third biggest notebook brand.

On the product line of diaries and leather products which constitutes the headstone of the promostion season, Acar Group brings the brands of Bon Carnet and Acar Ajanda together with its consumers and continues to meet the promotion needs of corporate companies.

By the year 2012 Acar Group started the studies of the Luuds brand and brought the essential products of the Office life together with the leather concept; aiming to have a voice on this field, too.

The ABM Publishing House that was constitued within the Acar Group, has been carrying on its activities on the categories of literature, history, art, research, academics, economy, children, youth and popular since 2010. By following today’s technology ABM publishing house reaches to readers with e-books also. Except for the publishing ABM publishing house imports special products in order to provide more hygienic and easily readable books to book lovers with personal and corporate library solutions.

Acar Group entered to construction industry growing rapidly in our country also during the recent years under the name of Acar Gayrimenkul ve Proje Danışmanlığı in 2009.Working as a district contractor the company continues its work in İstanbul and nearby cities and render service in industry by buying and selling estates at the same time.

As a requirement of growing, administering the rule of being local in global market and by opening marketing and sales offices in Germany, Russia and Kazakhtstan we perform sales related activities of our brands and product we produce either in these countries or to countires in these regions.

Our company, exporting directly or through its district offices to 42 countries in the world, became one of the most valuable companies of its field with its prestige in the market as well as being a producer who has a say in global market.

Acar group is aware of that ‘being the best’ requires to be different.Accordingly, we will continue to produce world products and to provide services in world’s standards in order to dynamize our country.