Quality Management

As the leading institiution of the industry in technology and quality Acar Group aims to support national economy by presenting the products and services providing the highest benefits to its customers with the awarness of its responsibilities to environment and society.

Total Quality Management

Our understanding of total quality management is reaching to profitability by pleasing society and our customers and by enhancing all activities permanently with the help of employees working in our corporation.

Basic principles of our quality management;

  • Customer and citizen focused,
  • Based on permanent development and innovation
  • Recommending team work and participation
  • Defending respect, trust and delegation among people

We as Acar Group upon our knowledge composed since 1980 have been chasing development and innovation with our Research-Development studies by fulfilling our liabilities to environment we live in and with the effort to please our customers with our products and services.


Quality Management System

Our corporation is closely following and practising the developments in the world. International Organization fo Standardization ,which was established in Geneva (Switzerland) in 1947 and has been making significant contribution to consumers, industry and trade, is one of them.

Our corporation formed the operating manual of the firm by determining all the stages of production and service within the ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System. We aim for getting the same successful results each time with the Quality Management System.

ISO 9001 certificate of ours establishes that our products or services are revealed as a result of a managing system of dispatcihng and ruling compatible with internationally accepted managing system so warrants the sustainability of the quality of products and services related to our corporation can be maintained.Our certificateshows that our corporation’s productions and service s are produced in accordance with the international standards.


Occupational Health and Safety System

TS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety System is enforced in our corporation. Thus our employee’s motivation is increased, occupational accidents are inhibited, occupational diseases and loss of workforce are decreased, our respectability is enhanced because of fulfilling our social responsibilities and our corporation is growing day by day by cultivating an image.

Environmental Management System

We also implement the ISO 14001 Environmental Managing System.It is a truth that our world sources are not endless. And the environmental effects of the products and activities is not only local and regional but effecting the whole world.In order leave a liveable environment to next generationwe produce in a way not disturbing the air,water,solid,natural sources,plant and animal communities and humans. We serve as a model by making production without harming the environment.

FSC-COC Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody Certificate

Acar printing house is the first printing house with FSC certificate. FSC certificate is the sign of the products like paper ,wood obtained fromand the wood it was obtained is managed in a sustainable way and it is audited and approved by an independent comission. The brand of FSC on the product is the factor making it easier to prefer for the consumer who is buying a product made of paper or wood.

In 2008, more than 100 million hectares forest was certified as forests asppropriate to FSC standards in 79 countries around the world.

By the courtesy of products with FSC forests are maintained, use of drugs harming nature are prohibited, balance of nature and atmosphere is protected and right to life is granted to humans living in dependence on forest.

Using FSC branded products is an essential of being sensitive to environment and social responsibility.

Acar group, has been the first firm taking FSC certificate in the printing industry and has taken its place among the first five firms countrywide by acting sensitively on this subject, too. As it has been on every subject, about protection of environment and environmental consciousness Acar group continues to serve as an exmple to Turkey.From now on Acar Group is buying various raw materials foremost the paper from the firms with FSC certificate, and not using the raw materials obtained from randomly cut products.